Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Requirement of Submission

Submission of the site is the process to suggest a site on a search engine. It's usually fill out a form telling the search engine spiders to visit and index the site suggested. Submitting your site significantly improves the chances that it will appear in users' search results.
Submission of the site is the process of getting your site to the attention of search engines and directories. And 'the next step after the search engine optimization and positioning.

Directory Submission:
Learn how your position in directories such as Yahoo!. Understanding the factors which directories to decide which areas in the list. Get to Yahoo explicit program to the list ASAP.

Where to Submit:
After optimization, it is time to submit your site. We recommend that you submit to all the major search engines, as approximately 90% of search engine-generated traffic from search sites 15-20 sites.You can also submit your site to specific countries or news for search engines targeted results.

How to Submit:
All the search engines and directories have standard forms for site submission. A link to a search engine's submission form can usually be found on its home page called "Add a site" or "Submit a URL" or "Add Link".
These forms usually require a websiteURL, your e-mail address, your name and the site that falls within the category. Every time you fill out a submission form, double-checking to make sure you specify the right to be spidered URL.

Submit Manually:
Most of the search engines and directories do not allow robot submissions.Directories require manual submission (you'll need to suggest a category and a description) and you can chose the perfect suitable category for your site.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Meta Description tag and its use in promotion of a website

The meta-tag description that describes the content of your site using search engines "Spider quite a summary completed several keywords. Meta tags are in a document source, invisible to the reader. Some search engines, however, are in a position to the Summary of meta tags in their algorithms. None engines penalize sites, the meta-tags correctly, it is always advisable. meta-tag description is particularly important because it is the day that some engines. Here l 'example of a meta-tag description:

meta Name="description" content="Your site's Abstract here"

A meta-tag, a description of the ranking for certain engines. Another reason for the meta-tag description is that some engines are used as a summary of the site on their pages. If so, the reader can actually see this day hidden. Make sure their content is attractive to reader.The meta-tag description should contain several keywords, in a logic of punishment. Put keywords at the beginning of your description and together to ensure the best investment.

ALT Tags and its Use:
Do you have a website. Their creator has done an outstanding job, and it looks great. You have a lot of pictures, including one with your company name, logo and slogan.

Well, your site may look like buses, it is not optimized for the highest with search engines. Since search engines do not index, it is not appropriate text on your site in this format - in this case, above the company name and slogan. To solve this problem, there are ALT tags, in particular descriptions of the images.
Always add ALT tags images to ensure that all search engines to index your site's content. ALT tags filled keywords can also be used to increase the frequency of keywords and you get better rankings.
Please note: The ALT tags also make your site accessible to the visually impaired to help the reader of the text. The reason is that the reader can not read images, but can recognize text in the ALT tags.
Avoiding spam
Search engines no objection to the use of ALT tags, packaging or keywords. Even to be safe, you should follow the generally accepted rule is not to repeat keywords more than 3-7 times.