Sunday, January 10, 2010

On-Page SEO Tips for Better Search Engine Optimization

I have faces many challenges while optimization websites on different themes. So as per my experience in the SEO industry I am writing 21 SEO tips for better search engine optimization. These useful search engine optimization tips are:-

  1. Website should have clear hierarchical link structure and every page should be reachable from at least one static text link.

  2. Keep the links on a particular page to a reasonable number (less than 100).

  3. Website should have a sitemap that point important parts of site. If sitemap have more than 100 links break it into separate pages.

  4. Always make folder and file names meaningful.

  5. Always use hyphens as word separator while making the internal URL of a website.

  6. Website should not have canonical domain issue.

  7. Try to keep internal linking consistent. For example, don't link to and and

  8. If site contains dynamic pages try to keep the parameters short and the number of them few.

  9. Always use proper anchor text while linking the pages.

  10. Avoid hidden text or hidden links on site.

  11. Use a meaningful descriptive ALT tags on every images.

  12. Website should have original quality and theme related contents. Use the targeted keywords in content and also check about Keyword density, proximity, prominence, stemming.

  13. Check for broken links and correct them.

  14. Don’t create pages having duplicate contents.

  15. Use appropriate header tags on a page and try to take main targeted keyword in H1.

  16. Always try to use External CSS.

  17. Avoid using java script on a page try to define it in a separate file and call from there.

  18. Verify the website in Google, Yahoo and Bing. Set preferred domain and if required set the geographical location.

  19. Prepare the XML, txt sitemaps and submit in search engines.

  20. All the pages of site should have unique Title and Meta Ttags including the targeted keyword of that page.

  21. Frames are very, very bad for SEO. Avoid using them unless really necessary